Graduiertenkolleg 1194 "Selbstorganisierende Sensor-Aktor-Netzwerke"

Visualizing and Understanding Spatio-Temporal Correlations of Data Dissemination in Vehicular Environments

  • Tagung:

    2nd IEEE International Symposium on Wireless Vehicular Communications (WiVeC)

  • Tagungsort:

    Calgary, Canada

  • Datum:

    September 2008

  • Autoren:

    T. Tielert, F. Schmidt-Eisenlohr, H. Hartenstein

  • The evaluation of data-dissemination protocols in network simulation is commonly based on statistical averaging. This macroscopic approach does not take into account spatio-temporal effects that may influence protocol behavior on microscopic level. In this paper, we introduce a visualization approach based on ns-2 trace files to graphically reproduce the dissemination process step by step. Our visualizer currently supports the data-dissemination protocol EMDV and can be extended to support other protocols as well.
    Examples of the visualization can be found here.