Graduiertenkolleg 1194 "Selbstorganisierende Sensor-Aktor-Netzwerke"

Simulation Platform for Inter-Vehicle Communications and Analysis of Periodic Information Exchange

  • Tagung:4th Annual IEEE/IFIP Conference on Wireless On demand Network Systems and Services (WONS)
  • Tagungsort:

    Obergurgl, Austria

  • Datum:Januar 2007
  • Autoren:

    F. Schmidt-Eisenlohr, M. Torrent Moreno, J. Mittag, H. Hartenstein

  • Due to the large amount of nodes that could comprise a vehicular network, simulation is a valuable tool used for the design and analysis of inter-vehicle communication protocols. In this paper we first describe all the components of the used simulation framework that has ns-2 as core building block. Our main contributions are an accurate implementation of the MAC and PHY modules adjusted to vehicular environments together with a well defined set of metrics to evaluate communication protocols for vehicular networks. Second, we present a detailed analysis of periodic exchange of broadcast messages when adjusting transmission power and packet generation rate for different propagation models.