Research Training Group 1194 "Self-organizing Sensor-Actuator-Networks"

K3.1: Content Based Addressing and Forwarding, Accuracy, Robustness and Privacy

Due to their various areas of application, a variety of requirements for communication within sensor-actor networks result. In contrast to subprojects K1 and K2 this subproject will deal with problems closely related to the application itself. This will include content based addressing as well as the auto configuration of a sensor-actor network using the principals of self-organization. Also questions of programmability, i.e. which node should be responsible for what task ( K4/I2 ), and of the sensor-actor network's context will play important roles as the network must be flexible and able to take on new tasks at any time.
Furthermore this subproject will tackle the issue of “precision” together with subprojects I1 and K2 : How do communication mechanisms, quality of service, i.e. latency, packet loss and packet order, influence the accuracy of distributed measurements.
Furthermore, aspects of robustness and privacy in a sensor-actor network are heavily correlated with its accuracy. These aspects will be dealt with in subproject K3.