Research Training Group 1194 "Self-organizing Sensor-Actuator-Networks"

About GRK1194 "Self-organizing Sensor-Actuator-Networks"


Research Training Group (RTG) GRK1194 "Self-organizing Sensor-Actuator-Networks" was established in 2005. Just like other 211 RTG projects funded by DFG (German Research Foundation), the goal of GRK1194 is to help doctoral researchers by imparting a rich knowledge base and to get ready for excellent research in international and interdisciplinary collaborations. In a three-year training program, the doctoral researchers organize their research projects independently with the support of advisers from different disciplines.

The researches focused by GRK1194 is "Self-organizing Sensor-Actuator-Networks". Sensor-actuator-networks consisting of numerous small and autonomous devices can be used to monitor and control physical phenomena. To make sure the requirements can be fulfilled, the system should be efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. Therefore many issues related to hardware, communication, and information processing have to be investigated. Accordingly, three subprojects of GRK1194 emphasize their efforts in tackling research problems within these three areas respectively.

The GRK1194 members consist of 10 professors and 11 doctoral researchers coming from 7 institutes. Since the research sensor-actuator-networks is interdisciplinary, each individual doctoral researcher has to focus on one specific research topic in sensor-actuator-networks while collaborating with other members in different research areas. During the training period, the doctoral researchers are encouraged to participate research tasks in overseas research organizations. This assists the young researchers in developing their independence and building their international connections.

GRK1194 is a nine-year project divided into three phases and now in its second phase. All of its first phase doctoral researchers have completed their program and successfully got their degree. The second generation will finish by 2012. At the same time the third phase is going to begin.